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Issue 4: Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Over the past year, we have read a multitude of incredible works, and we are excited to present this issue of Valentine’s Day themed writing. During this time, we realized that any prompt is versatile and the responses we get will be varying. So, we wanted to see how different writers would interpret a theme that involved love. For this issue, we asked you to send us your best work featuring love, heartache, and whatever you find in between, and you delivered!

We hope you enjoy the work featured here. We hope that you enjoy your Valentine’s Day, whether it is with a partner, some friends, your family, or on your own. We hope that this issue of Duck Duck Mongoose encourages you. We hope you laugh and cry along with us. Most of all, we hope that you will continue to join us on this journey into the literary world as we learn and grow. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, and best wishes to all of you!