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Daylight Dreams

By: Aislinn Feldberg


My Open Heart found himself on a comely planet 

constant starlit night gave quivering grass its moonsheen 

the traveler fell in love with me at once, 

Dearly beloved, we are gathered together


I whispered softly under the stars, 

our fingers waded through sand, raking through grains, 

the wall of water answered the moon’s call. 

We watched in silence, 


True Friend my heart whispered, 

my Love, your voice is soft and sweet, 

little things such as these, 

our everyday words fluttered in the wind like fireflies, 


You and me, side by side is Home. 


Shooting stars whistled through the night, 

hit their mark, exploded burning bright.


Aislinn Feldberg is a writer and visual artist from Queens, New York. She enjoys experimenting and creating art with a dark, bizarre flair in order to develop awareness of social issues, including reproductive rights/ women’s rights. Her work interweaves with prior dreams and demonstrates conflicting natures of human nature or of materials (flowing delicacy or brutal strokes). You can find her on Wrongdoing Mag, Fictional Cafe or her website,